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Seabird Deaths

10th June

There have been recent reports of a large number of dead seabirds washing up on beaches along the east coast, with gannets, guillemots, puffins and herring gulls having been affected, from the Norfolk coast up to the Orkneys and ...
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Protector III - North Eastern IFCA Cabin RIB

11th May

Cabin RIB - Protector III On the 19th May 2021, North Eastern IFCA took delivery of a 9.5 metre cabin RIB, Protector III. Protector III was built and delivered by the Delta Power Group UK in 2021 and is designed to act as a sta ...
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Shellfish Mortality Update

8th April

May 22 - South Gare and Tees WashupNEIFCA are aware of recent wash ups at South Gare and the Tees area. We are actively monitoring these events and maintaining close contact with both the local fishing industry and other partner a ...
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European Lobster Settlement Index (ELSI)

11th March

(ELSI) Partnership Project The North Eastern IFCA has won a bid for research funding under the DEFRA’s Fishing Industry Science Partnership (FISP) programme. This 2-year project in collaboration with the Holderness Fishing Indus ...
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Shellfish Mortality Incident Update

4th February

Shellfish Mortality Incident Update North Eastern IFCA has been part of a multi-agency response to investigate the cause of the mass shellfish mortality events observed off the North East coast. NEIFCA officers have supported the ...
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