Minimum Conservation Reference Sizes

Minimum conservation reference size:

Minimum conservation reference sizes (MCRS) ensure the health of the stock and allow the species to breed at least once before being removed from the sea. The list below outlines the MCRS’ for common species. You can contact our office if you are unsure of the correct size for the animal you wish to catch.


  • Lobster - 87mm
  • Edible crab - 140mm
  • Mussel - 51mm
  • Whelk - 45mm
  • Velvet crab - 65mm
  • Razor clam - 100mm
  • Nephrops - Overall 85mm/Carapace 25mm/Tail 46mm


  • Cod - 35cm
  • Mackerel - 30cm
  • Plaice - 27cm
  • Sole - 24cm
  • Whiting - 27cm

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