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Posted on 24th February 2023

Fisheries Management Plans  


Defra have recently notified IFCAs that initial drafts of the first three national Fisheries Management Plans have been received and have requested that we circulate an update to all stakeholders on their behalf.

These are the Crab and Lobster, and Whelk draft plans prepared by Seafish in collaboration with the Whelk Management Group and the Crab Management Group respectively, and the English and Welsh King Scallop draft plan by the Scallop Industry Consultation Group Working Group with support from Seafish.   


Defra would like to express their thanks to all who have contributed including delivery partners, working groups and those who engaged at the numerous quayside meetings that have taken place to date. Defra believe the development of these drafts has been an important step towards collaborative management of our fisheries.

The next stage of the process is for Defra to review and finalise the content of the draft plans and prepare other documents required before the formal public consultation takes place in the next few months. 

Ahead of this, Defra is inviting stakeholders interested in these draft FMPs to join an online session for an overview of key points in the draft plans including initial proposals for management approaches and an explanation of the next steps.  


Defra have advised there will also be an opportunity to raise points and ask questions through a Q&A.  


Defra will record the sessions which will be held twice. To reserve your place on these Defra led events on your preferred date, you can use the following links:  


Wednesday 1 March 17:30-18:30- reserve your place here  

Thursday 2 March 13:30-14:30- reserve your place here.  


Defra would like to make people aware that they will record the session and make it available to attendees and anyone who reserved a place but was unable to attend.  


Defra have stated that there will be further opportunities to give views during the public consultation which will take place before the plans are finalised, published and implemented. 

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