Fishing Line Recycling Scheme

Posted on 16th August 2022

On the 9th January 2020, North Eastern IFCA and Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme worked together and installed 3 fishing line recycling bins along with information boards and fish measures in Whitby on what species of fish can be caught.

Currently 16 miles of fishing line has been collected from only 3 fishing line recycling bins, with the benefit of being recycled into new fishing gear instead of heading to landfill.

Interesting facts from the ANLRS:
400 million meters of fishing line is discarded per year.  
It takes 600 years for monofilament fishing line to degraded.
Fishing line is a massive threat to wildlife and damages the reputation of the angling sector when fishing line is left at fishing spots.  

The location of all fishing line recycling bins can be found on ANLRS website or your fishing line can also be dropped off at the following tackle shops: 


  • Hook Line & Sinker Tackle Shop, Whitby  

  • Keith Sports, Saltburn  

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