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scallops in dredge

Magistrates Penalise Fisheries Offenders

Recently a number of fisheries offences have passed through Yorkshire Magistrates Courts attracting some substantial penalties.

Scalloping Offences

On 15 January 2016 two fishing skippers plead guilty to separate offences at Scarborough Magistrates Court.
Mr Gary Buchan, skipper of the fishing vessel Evening Star PD1022, plead guilty to the retention and storage of two lobsters and 430 king scallops below the minimum legal landing size at Scarborough Harbour on 18 December 2014. Mr Buchan received fines totalling £7,500 and was ordered to pay full costs.
Mr Scott Glover, skipper of the fishing vessel Rejoice BH 220, plead guilty to breaching the Authority’s emergency scallop dredging byelaw regulation off the North Yorkshire Coast on 16 May 2015. Mr Glover was fined £3,750 and ordered to pay full costs.

Serious Obstruction & Assault of an IFCA Officer

On 9 February 2016 Bridlington based fishermen Mr Peter Cox was convicted, in his absence, of the serious obstruction and assault of an IFCA officer at Beverley Magistrates Court.

Mr Cox prevented officers from inspecting his vehicle at Bridlington Harbour on 22 July 2015 and struck an officer whilst driving away from the quayside. Mr Cox received a £2000 fine for the obstruction and a £5000 fine for the assault and was ordered to pay full costs. 

The Chief Officer, David McCandless, has quoted:

“The penalties levied by the Magistrates were very reassuring and demonstrate that the courts take fisheries offences very seriously, particularly so when they relate to the obstruction and assault of one of the Authority’s officers which thankfully is a relatively rare occurrence in our region.”
For further information please contact the Authority’s main office: Town Hall, Quay Road, Bridlington, YO16 4LP, Tel:(01482) 393 515 or email: ne-ifca@eastriding.gov.uk .

Background Information:

North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (NEIFCA) retains a statutory duty under the 2009 Marine and Coastal Access Act to manage the sustainable exploitation of sea fisheries resources within an area between the River Tyne in the North and the South Bank of the Humber Estuary. The seaward limit of the Authority’s jurisdiction currently stretches to 6 nautical miles. The Authority’s area of jurisdiction covers some 224 coastal miles encompassing over twenty primary fishing ports and launching sites, utilised by over 250 commercial and 600 hobby vessel operators.  Annually over 2,500 tonnes of whitefish and 3,800 tonnes of shellfish are landed within the Authority’s area for a total first sale value of over £12 million. The inshore fishing sector remains a vital component of the socio economics of the regions coastal communities which are currently facing significant and unprecedented pressures and challenges.