Prohibition - Berried Lobsters

Berried Lobsters

Prohibition on Catching & Landing Egg Bearing Lobsters

On 1 October 2017, the UK government prohibited the catching and landing of egg-bearing lobsters in England. Please 'click' on the attached link for further information:

Gov.uk - Catching or landing of berried lobsters and crawfish in England (external website)

In order to support the consistent application of this new legislation, the Authority has made the attached emergency byelaw regulation which came into force on Monday 16 October 2017. This emergency byelaw regulation will apply in conjunction with the new Statutory Instrument and prohibit the fishing for, removal, taking, retention, landing, storage, carrying and transporting of any berried lobster by any person within the NEIFCA District.

Emergency Byelaw Notice (pdf 289kb opens in new window)

NEIFCA Signed Emergency Byelaw - Berried Lobsters (pdf 76kb opens in new window)