New byelaw regulations confirmed by Defra

Humber Bridge

The following two new byelaw regulations were recently confirmed by Defra relating to the management of lobster and crab fishing and trawling within the Humber Estuary:

Byelaw XXVIII Crustacea Conservation Byelaw 2018

This new byelaw regulation contains the following new provisions:

  • A prohibition on the use of pots by over 10m vessels inside 3 nautical miles and establishment of a supporting ‘sunset list’
  • A prohibition on removing, taking and landing ‘soft-shelled lobsters’
  • A maximum pot size of 50cm x 60cm x 110cm
  • A prohibition on removing, taking and landing lobsters displaying mutilated pleopods.

Officers have already commenced the process of informing all those affected by the new provisions and are providing advice on how to ensure catches are compliant.

A copy of the new regulation can be downloaded below and further guidance can be provided upon request.

28 Byelaw XXVIII NEIFCA Crustacea Conservation Byelaw 2018 (pdf 438kb)

Byelaw XXIX Humber Estuary Fishing Byelaw 2016

This new byelaw establishes a permitting scheme for trawling within the Humber Estuary for licensed registered fishing vessels.

Such vessel must apply for an additional permit over and above the general permit to trawl issued by the Authority.

Only vessels able to demonstrate a track record of catching a minimum of 500 kg of shrimp or fish species within the Humber during any three month period between 1 January 2013 and 31 December 2015 will be eligible. 

A fee of £500 will also be levied for the permit.

A copy of the byelaw regulation and application form can be downloaded below and further guidance provided upon request:

29 Byelaw XXIX Humber Estuary byelaw 2016 (pdf 121kb)

Humber Estuary Trawl Permit Application 30 August 2019 (word 46kb)