Closure of Cockle Beds


North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority

In accordance with paragraph 7 of Byelaw, XXIV Cockle Management Byelaw, the Authority hereby gives notice of its intention to close all areas to cockle fishing within the Humber Estuary, which fall within its jurisdiction, including those areas of the Estuary within the County boundaries of North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire, Kingston Upon Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

This closure will remain in place until 31 August 2018, unless otherwise notified and prohibits the removal, taking or disturbance of any cockles by any person.

Any comments regarding this notice should be submitted to the Authority, at the following address, by 29 August 2017.

Chief Officer, North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority, Town Hall, Quay Road, Bridlington, YO16 4LP

Email: ne-ifca@eastriding.gov.uk